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Christmas Pudding Recipes 2 Variations

Hello all,

So I must admit I love Christmas Pudding with Custard a favourite of mine!

Hold the cream I will just have the custard. As promised here are 2 recipes for Christmas puddings. As can see taken from a cook book used for a number of years with a few scorch mark's but has created some delicious treats and I need to follow a recipe so good to have the book close by. If you get to make one I hope you like it.


Christmas Pudding (Rich)

This Pudding contains no Flour- The Flour is supplied by the breadcrumbs)


1 lb. each Breadcrumbs, Sultans and raisins,

1/2 lb. finely chopped suet.

1/4 lb. ground almonds,

1 oz. mixed spice,

1 teaspoon of salt,

6 eggs,

1/4 glass of brandy or rum,

Rind and juice of 2 lemons,

1/4 lb. blanched and shredded almonds,

1/2 nutmeg grated,

1/4 lb. dried chopped figs,

2ozs . chopped citron peel,

2ozs. chopped candied orange peel,

2ozs. chopped candied lemon peel,

1 cup of cider,

1/2 lb.brown sugar


Sift together the salt, spices and ground almonds, stir in the fruit

peel and shredded almonds. Soak the crumbs in cider 10 minutes. Beat sugar into well beaten eggs.

Add the lemon juice, brandy, suet and soaked crumbs.

Stir into fruit mixture and beat well.

Turn into 3 well buttered 2-lbs bowls, tie down with several thickness of grease proof paper and steam for 3 1/2 hours.

When cold, tie down with fresh paper. Store in a cool dry place.

On the day the pudding's are to be eaten, Steam for 2 hours. During the steaming of the puddings, it is important to keep a kettle of water boiling so as to renew the water in the pot as it evaporates. The Water should not come more than three- quarters up the sides of the bowls.

Christmas Pudding 2


3/4 lb. breadcrumbs,

1/4 lb.flour,

1/2 teaspoon salt,

3/4 lb.chopped suet,

3/4 lb. brown sugar,

1 lb. currants,

1 lb. raisins

5 eggs,

1/2 lb. chopped mixed peel,

1 teaspoon ginger,

1/2 teaspoon mace,

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon,

1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg,

1/2 pint stout,

grated rind and juice of 1 lemon.


Mix together flour, breadcrumbs, suet and sugar. Add fruit, spices, salt and beaten eggs.

Lastly, add stout. Mix well. Put the mixture in 3 2-lb.bowls, cover with several thickness of grease proof paper and steam for 3 hours.

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1 Comment

Dec 01, 2020

Thanks for the recipe...but I don’t like Chris pudding 😌

but just LOVE (the state) of the cookery book.....looks well loved.....👍😉💃🏼🐶

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