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UK TOUR 2022

Greetings, my dear and fateful friends, I hate the word “ Fans” and never use it, you all deserve more respect than that.

I am delighted to announce after many setbacks, due to the Covid Pandemic,

I will be returning to old England for some concert appearances,

25/ 05/22 The Beck Theatre, Hayes

26/05/22 Stockport Plaza, Theatre.

27/05/22 Core Theatre, Solihull

28/05/ 22 Irish Centre, Leeds

It’s a long long time since first appeared there, away back in 1964, in a folk club called 'The Memphis Folk Club' above a very old and dilapidated ,pub called the Coach and Horses in Leeds, we toured around the many folk clubs scattered around the North of England, with many a sore head after a night of singing and drinking pints of Tetley’s Ale.

It really was the start of my many tours of that exciting country and I travelled back and forth, from Ireland for nearly forty years.

After the success of Muirsheen Durkin, (Do you remember that one?) in 1966 I travelled the length and breadth of that great country.

Playing clubs, theatres and dance halls far too many to remember after so many years.

Sadly, they are almost all gone, down the long lane of history, but I’m sure many of you still remember them in your dreams.

I’m sure the most famous of them all was the Galteymore in Cricklewood where on Saturday nights thousands of lonely emigrants would gather to meet their friends from the many counties of their homeland and many a romance started there throughout the hours of dancing.

In fact, down through the years I have often been approached by many a returned husband and wife who would proudly tell me of when they first met at one of my many dances in the Galteymore.

Alas, it too has long gone into, “What once had been”

Too finish up, I have to admit, I am a little concerned about my return as much water has flowed under the Thames since then, and we all have changed so I hope you still like my singing and songs, and I hope they will, revive, many a happy memory or two.

So until we meet again, please God, I will leave you with these words.

“ Thank you for the days,

Those endless days,

Those sacred days you gave me,

I’m thinking of the days

I won’t forget a single day

Believe me,”

Love, Johnny McEvoy.

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