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An Evening With Johnny McEvoy and My Band

Hello Everyone, Hope you are all keeping well.

Sorry for the late email,

I'm happy to announce to you all here that I will be doing a live concert with my band on the 30th of January. The concert will be broadcast live from the site here and I will share some behind the scenes through this area.

Really hope you all can join and send in your requests.

Tickets are €15 and will help to support crew and band members.

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1 Comment

Breda Sheehan
Breda Sheehan
Dec 07, 2020

Hi Johnny. What a wonderful idea to have a virtual concert!! I have been so impressed with the 'cocooning' videos and that you simply play your guitar and sing without any backing group - a truly lovely gesture!

I live in Australia and have been hoping for many years to catch one of your concerts while I was at home on holidays but dates etc. didn't work out - until now!! So this is a dream come true for me. I am thrilled that I am finally going to experience one of your concerts which will be a definite highlight for 2021.

Keep singing those beautiful sons Johnny.

Kind regards

Breda Sheehan

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