“The Eclectic Johnny McEvoy” is a very colourful album crossing a wide range of musical styles. It features some new music like the song “Thomas” a beautiful contemporary song written for his brother Tom who passed away in July 2018Johnny said about his brother Tom “He was like a father figure to me”. The album also features some forgotten songs from the past, “New York Girls” a fun song that has been given a new lease of life “big band” style, “Sing Me A Song” a song that became a radio hit in the 90’s which has been given a new contemporary country feel and “Staten Island” an emigration song which has a very contemporary Irish feel.


Trad Nua Top Pick: Thomas, The Sailor, The Ballad Of Anne Frank.

The Eclectic Johnny McEvoy

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  • Tracklisting:

    CD 1:

    1. Staten Island

    2. The Sailor

    3. The Famine Song

    4. Thomas

    5. Matt Hyland

    6. The Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel

    7. The Ballad Of Anne Frank

    8. I’ll Write As Soon As I Can

    9. By The Rolling Sea

    10. Slieve Galleon Braes

    11. Soldier Of The Hill

    12. What will you do when The Rain Comes

    13. Mathew


    1. Sing Me A Song

    2. Take Me By The Hand

    3. Sarah

    4. Richman’s Garden

    5. Someday You’ll Call My Name

    6. New York Girls

    7. Amy Johnson

    8. Dreams That Come Easy

    9. Walk With Angels

    10. You Never Learned To Dance

    11. No Other Love I’ll Know

    12. Tonight Your With Another