The Story So Far- by Johnny McEvoy.

This CD is part of The Signature Series.

This very special, limited edition album comes complete with brand new recordings and arrangements of Johnny’s signature songs, a 24 page booklet containing some very rare photographs, song words, illustrations and is covered in the stylish new “Signature Series” sleeve complete with Gold trim.

This collectors item is exclusive to Trad Nua and is only available from this website or from Johnny’s show.

Special Edition The Story So Far Cd

SKU: jmccd04
  • 1. Muirsheen Durkin

    2. The Planters Daughter

    3. The Ballad Of John Williams

    4. Every Night I Dream Of Being A Cowboy

    5. Nora

    6. If Wiahes Were Fishes

    7. The Boston Burglar

    8. Never Smelt The Roses

    9. Going To California

    10. Those Brown Eyes

    11. The Shores Of Amerikay

    12. Long Before Your Time

    13. Three Score And ten

    14. Michael

    15. Where My Eileen Is Waiting For Me

    16. The Town I Left Behind

    17. You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore