Basements Sessions 2 recorded with Bill Shanley in Cauldron Studios Dublin. This album could be classified as a full original album that Johnny recorded apart from a couple. Trad Nua Track Picks: Crazy Horse, The Kingstown Disaster.

Basement Sessions 2

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  • Track Listing:

    1. Hank
    2. Tomb of the unknown Soldier
    3. Crazy Horse
    4. Out in The Night
    5. Your So Far Away
    6. Beyond The Morning Sun
    7. When We Danced To An Old Fashioned Tune
    8. The Coast Of New South Wales
    9. I Wish I had Someone To Love Me
    10. The Kingstown Disaster
    11. You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore
    12. I’ll Sing It Slow
    13. The Shores Of Amerikay
    14. The Dublin Fusiliers
    15. My Old Boat