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12 Pages Of Christmas

Grandson Poem by Johnny McEvoy


I watch you from my chair

And wonder at your beauty

Your child’s innocence

Your hair

Your straight and wonderful body

Your eyes to die for

I am old now

And you are so very young

I would gladly give

What’s left of my life

For you, my holy child

I would give you every dream

I ever had

I would give you every happy moment

I spent

May you laugh for ever

I would give you blue skies

Green forests

And running rivers

I would give you the glittering stars

May they shine on you forever

I would gladly give all of this

And more, and more

I would give you a better world

Than I ever knew

You are a gift

You will give joy to many.

May the sun shine on you forever

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1 Comment

Patricia McGeown
Patricia McGeown
Dec 20, 2020

A beautiful touching poem.

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