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12 Pages Of Christmas


My name was Katushka

And I lived for a long time

A long time ago now

I was not very good as a cat

In my long life, I remember

I never caught a mouse

Birds were far too difficult to catch

And it was all too time consuming

Anyway, I was a bit on the heavy side

And my tummy sagged

From an operation

Too embarrassing to discuss

I remember I used to

Sit on a cushion

By the window

In the sun

And sleep and dream



My life complete

O such cat heavenly peace

Then she would come

She would burst into what was called

The family room

And grab me

And hug me

And kiss me

And carry me upside down

Till the blood filled my head

And my nose dripped

She would brush

And blow dry

My fur

Sometimes, she would

Dress me in dolls clothes

And carry me around the big house

And once she cut my whiskers

I did not mind this behaviour

Because I was not a very

Dignified cat

And besides, I had

Nowhere else to live

And I loved her, of course

I was her baby I suppose

And she was just learning

Sometimes I would watch her

From under the chair

And wonder at her beauty

As she grew and grew

To a young women

In this place where I am now

I sometimes hear her calling me

“Tushka, Thuska”

They tell me

She has her own baby now

And he is a wonder

And that is good

But you know

I miss her very much

And cats are not meant

To be emotional

But then, I was never

Much good at being a cat

Johnny McEvoy, Christmas 2008 Greystones

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1 Comment

That’s a cat life I sure think it must be nice to be one .Not Responsible for anything .I enjoyed this poem had a good laugh as well.Mind yourself my friend thanks for sharing.🥰👏🤣

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